Hemp Oil Tinctures for PETS

Hemp Oil Tinctures for PETS

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Carpenter Botanicals' Hemp Oil Tinctures for Pets
Did you know that Dogs, Cats & even Horses have the same Endocannabinoid System that people do?
This unique series of receptors throughout the brain and body is designed to interact with the cannabinoids, found in many medicinal plants- like Hemp, Echinacea & Black Pepper- that fight inflammation and restore balance and homeostasis to our cells!
Pets with anxiety, arthritis, pain issues, tumor growths, joint problems, epilepsy, those fighting illness, or who want to strengthen their immune systems to remain in good health as they age, can benefit hugely from daily intake of Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, combined with Omega Rich MCT Oil- for healthy skin, joints and a shiny coat!

Available In Two Sizes:
-250 mg 1 oz. Bottle / 30 x 8 mg Servings Hemp Oil Extract
-750 mg 1 oz. Bottle/ 30 x 25 mg Servings Hemp Oil Extract (For Big Pets!)

INGREDIENTS: Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic MCT Oil & Colorado Grown, Organic, Hemp Oil Extract.

Most dogs seem to love the taste of our Hemp Oil Tinctures and will even sit for them like a treat! You can also simply mix the tincture into their food each morning and night!

Every pet is different and will require a unique dose that best serves them!

50 lb. Animal: appx. 4-25 mg Twice Daily

5lb. Animal: appx. 2-10 mg Twice Daily

Start at the lowest dose and slowly increase until you find the ideal dosage for your pet.
Dosage can be increased as needed & repeat every 3-6 hours when symptoms occur.

All of our products are NON- PSYCHOACTIVE!

No Fillers, Nothing Synthetic, No Chemicals or Additives!
Cruelty Free! Because we love animals!

Made with all Organic Industrial Hemp, Grown without the use of Pesticides, Herbicides or Fertilizers.
Handmade, in small batches in Boulder, Colorado.

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